Your personal distributed audio and video communication platform with an in-built payment system.

Earn without borders.

What is SIMIA

SIMIA is the audio and video calling system based on decentralized blockchain technology and direct p2p communication protocol. You can monetize your expertise and content, organize group calls or paid audio and video streams, build social networks, etc.

Safe and transparent payment system based on a stable token SIMIA allows processing payments from any part of the globe, avoiding banking and other middlemen fees or jurisdictional payment limitations.

Network Р2Р

Payments received in SIMIA tokens can be converted into any standard (US dollar, euro, etc.) or crypto-currency with one click. Earned funds can be transferred from an online SIMIA wallet to a banking account in any country. This system overcomes geographical barriers and creates a border-free space for online communication worldwide.

Network Р2Р

What can you do here?

Register as a user and/or as an expert.
After registering your wallet address you become a part of the network

Monetize your content, knowledge, expertise, online products via streams and online conferences

Give and receive individual consultations from top experts all over the globe

Become a DApp developer and earn by building online applications for the network

Become a master node (Peer Connector) owner and earn on commissions from calls (1.13%)











How does it work?

SIMIA network uses a fully automated system of remote servers, called master nodes or Peer Connectors. It is a p2p decentralized network of hundreds of such nodes. These nodes are connected, independent of each other, and owned by separate individuals. Node owners provide users with instruments for audio and video calls. They earn a commission of 1.13% from each communications session. Payments are processed using safe and transparent blockchain technology: from one online wallet to another. Interactions happen within decentralized applications (DApps) that display information about network participants.

Dapp layer

Simia network

Gliesereum blockchain

Online application SIMIA Space provides a marketplace and an expert explorer that allows users to find experts and easily connect for online consultations. This interface is one example of a decentralized application (DApp) deployed onto the network. Other DApps can provide many more social and expert interfaces based on SIMIA protocol.

Dapp layer

Simia network

Gliesereum blockchain

What user-oriented properties does the system provide?

How do you communicate?

Step 1

Expert establishes tariff per minute or session.

(example: 1 min = 1 SIMIA token)

Step 2

Expert receives an invitation to connect from another user (video or audio call). Note: A participant may request a contact only if the SIMIA network confirms the availability of funds in the account for a minimum of 1 minute of communication.

Step 3

Upon agreement to communicate, the SIMIA Peer Connector node connects the participant and an expert in an encrypted communication channel (video or audio stream).

Step 4

If the connection is successful, Peer Connector freezes the funds of the participant(s) in personal or group calls every minute until the connection is disconnected or there is not enough balance for the next minute of the conversation with an expert.

After the connection is closed, the network, through blockchain technology, distributes and credits funds to your address, deducting the Peer Connector node commission of 1.13%. It is the only network fee paid for processing and confirming transactions in a distributed network by contacting all SIMIA Peer Connector nodes. SIMIA network is fully distributed and does not have control nodes. There is no way to block your address on it. The ability to ban the connection is missing. Network disconnection is possible only in the case of disconnection of all network nodes (the probability of this event is 0.099% with 1000 nodes).



Your Wallet and stable SIMIA token

Online Graph wallet employs blockchain technology to make transactions are safe and transparent. The billing system uses SIMIA tokens with a stable exchange rate equal to 1 US dollar. You can exchange any crypto or traditional currencies for SIMIA virtually with one click using the wallet functionality. Money transfers in and out of the wallet are fast, secure, and free from banking fees.

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